"HODL Health to the Moon" With Your Multiple Dogestive Enzyme

Health Supplements Payable With Dogecoins

Boost Health, Boost Wealth With a Dogecoin-Powered Supplement Company

DogeZyme is the number one wellness supplement preferred by the health buffs and the Dogecoin community alike!
Our product was developed to help your body break down nutrients into healthful substances that your digestive tract can absorb.
Payable by Dogecoin, our supplements work to make both nourishing the body and generating profits faster and easier!

Business With Your Safety in Mind

Our professionals have been in the nutritional supplement industry for more than 40 years
and are experienced in offering the best possible products to each valued customer.
Rest easy knowing you’re purchasing effective products made only with the highest-quality ingredients.


In Support of the Doge

We are part of a growing community of users of the revolutionary alternative currency Dogecoin. Our goal is to support its continued growth and integration to bigger platforms so that everyone can access a safe and convenient financial resource.

Cash or Coin?

We accept Dogecoins along with other traditional currencies. However, if you want to keep your Doge altcoins, we’d happily accept regular currencies! Our team will simply reinvest part of your purchase into the system in order to still support the development of Dogecoin.


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